Fiber Optic Assemblies, Patch cords, Tools, Parts & Consumables

TruOptix provides quality fiber optic cabling assemblies such as custom pre-terminated trunks and optical patch cords. We provide these pre-terminated trunks ready to install by you or your preferred contractor. All trunks come complete with pulling socks and mule tape for you to tie on to and install. All you need to do is tie on the mule tape, pull in the fiber, remove the pull sock and plug the connectors into your adapter panels. You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars terminating the fiber on site by hand as this can be professionally done here in our factory on our high-end mass termination machines. We can normally build your custom trunk with 24 hours if requested and we can standardly have them shipped overnight if necessary. We specialize in providing these types customized services, trunks and patch cords in a moment’s notice for less than you or your contractor can do it for on site. We guarantee that every fiber optic assembly we manufacture is subject to the most rigorous quality control standards and procedures to ensuring our end user gets the high-quality product they are paying for. We are also able to provide you with all fiber optic consumables and tools such as LC, SC, FC, ST (APC or UPC) connectors, patch cords, fiber trunks, mass termination machines, mass termination jigs, optical lapping film, rubber polishing pad, optical coupler panels, hot melt ovens, optical couplers, anaerobic epoxy, hot melt epoxy, 353N epoxy and many more optical products.